Bigen Foaming Cream Color

Color Guide

The image of color results can be switched by clicking the buttons below.
4N 4W 3N 5N 6N 4M 4A

The colors shown may look different than their true shades, depending on your monitor settings. The final color and visibility of gray will vary depending on your pre-coloring hair color, hair type, room temperature, duration the colorant is left on, and amount of gray hair. Those with more gray hair will have a slightly lighter result while those with less gray hair will have a slightly darker result. If hair has already been treated with coloring or a hair manicure, it is hard to get a lighter color than that already achieved.

How to use

(1) First shake the bottle firmly about 30 times. Next, use the perforations in the back of the box to open a hole, and place the bottle in it.

(2) Press down firmly on the push lever to dispense treatment into your hand.

(3) Apply to hair, starting from areas where gray is most visible, then spreading towards the tips. Work treatment into hair so that it covers the entire head, then massage it in thoroughly.

(4) Again, apply additional treatment to any areas where you are worried gray hair, and leave it in for 30 minutes.

(5) Rinse well, shampoo twice, and apply conditioner. Dry hair with a towel the finish up by applying After-Color Serum.

Caution! In cold seasons or climates, leave the colorants at room temperature (between 20°C and 30°C)  for more than 1 hour before use. If the bottle is cold, the colorant will react slowly and hair will not be properly colored.