Bigen Pump Color

Color Guide

The image of color results can be switched by clicking the buttons below. 4 3PK 2RB 3RB 4P 5NA 3 5 6 4A 4CA 2B
4 3PK 2RB 3RB 4P 5NA 3 5 6 4A 4CA 2B

The colors may look different from the actual ones depending on your monitor settings. The color results may vary depending on your natural hair color, hair type, room temperature and developing time. Those with more gray hair the result tends to turn lighter than the color result images, while those with less gray hair it turns darker.

How to use

1.Making a mixture 1.Pour the entire contents of Solution 1 and Solution 2 into the exclusive pump dispenser, and shake the dispenser sideways firmly from left to right 10-15 times without frothing the mixture. ※ It will not foam up if not shaken well.

2.Pump and dispense the foam onto your hand.

2.Apply the mixture to your hair, beginning from an area where gray hair stands out, applying the mixture thoroughly to the roots of your hair, and working it through your hair well. 2.Start application from the areas such as parting where grays are visible.

3.Apply the foam as roughly changing hair parting.

4.For the back of your head, apply the foam while parting vertically and spread the foam to the ends.

5.Add a sufficient amount of foam to the entire hair and blend well while massaging.

6.Again, apply the extra foam to any area, where you are concerned about gray, such as hairline and leave on for 20 minutes. Be sure to immediately rinse out any remaining mixture.

3.Rinsing 1.Shampoo your hair and apply conditioner. Rinse it off and dry your hair well using a towel.

2.Finish with the After-Color Serum included.

4.Wash the exclusive dispenser and store it for next time.

If the mixture is too cool, it will not foam up properly. Leave the colorants at room temperature between 20℃ - 30℃ for more than 1 hour before mix to use.

Caution Sweating may cause the foam running into your eyes.