Bigen Coloring Treatment

Color Guide

The image of color results can be switched by clicking the buttons below. Dark Brown Natural Brown NaturalBlack Ash Brown
2 1 3 4

The numbers shown above indicate the color codes of Bigen hair color series. The color results of applicable hair color and Bigen Coloring Treatment are not exactly the same. The colors may look different from the actual ones depending on your monitor settings. The color results may vary depending on your natural hair color, hair type, room temperature and developing time. Those with more gray hair the result tends to turn lighter than the color result images, while those with less gray hair it turns darker.

How to use

1.Dry your hair well with a towel. After shampooing your hair, dry the hair well with a towel.

2.Put the product onto your palm. Put an appropriate amount (about a ping-pong ball size for short hair) onto your palm.

3.Apply. Do not rub it onto the scalp; apply throughout all of your hair focusing on gray parts.

4.Rinse. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off well.

5.Dry your hair. Dry your hair well with a towel which you do not mind being stained.